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The Simple Way to Manifest

We are all energy. What we put out into the world is what we get back. What we think and feel, we create. Think of Manifesting as a process that shouldn't be a trying, difficult, frustrating process, but rather a simple thought knowing you are going to get what you want.

In our Manifest Kit, we have you write the intentions you want to manifest in the Manifest notebook. We have you thanking the Universe/God/Source first and using "I Am" when starting your intention(s). For example: " I Am so happy and thankful now that I Am a money magnet" or "I Am so happy and thankful now that I Am in a fulfilling, loving romantic relationship" or "I Am always experiencing justice, everything is always working in my favor, I am always in a peaceful relaxing state of being, I am a winner". After you've written your intentions, LET YOUR INTENTION GO. As in let go of the  undesirable state of not having your desire. 


Enjoy your day knowing It is done. Let it go and live your best life loving yourself and working on yourself. Put yourself on a pedestal. Do what makes you feel good. Your beautiful Soul/Energy comes first, and that will attract all the wonderful things and people the Universe/God/Source has to offer. Don't worry about having to re-read it, rewrite it, think about it, fixate on it, take action to try to get your intentions, or perform a nightly "ritual". Doing that creates a "lack" mentality. And when you're feeling doubt or fear, create a busy schedule for yourself, or meditate, or distract yourself positively to not fixate on "the lack". 

Instead, make it simple and don't worry about it anymore. It is done. You made your intention of what or who you want, and now you let the universe take over while you have all the faith in the world knowing it's happening. Have you ever thought about someone and forgot about it and all of a sudden you see or hear from that person or find that extra $20 in your jeans? It's because you thought about it, let it go, and went about your life. Letting go is where you get the movement. You wrote your intentions and the Universe will now bring that to You. Also, circumstances don't matter. For instance, let's say the person you are trying to Manifest is dating someone, that circumstance doesn't matter. You are the thoughts and energy you seek to attract.

So...1) Decide what you want 2) Go mentally to "it is done" 3) During the day feel good and prioritize yourself and your stability. It's that easy. Your reality will bring you the thing you want, but it wont be from being hyper-focused trying to convince yourself and dwelling on the intention. It comes from letting it go and doing what makes you happy. It could happen right away or may take a month or so when its ready for you. 

What you want is already yours. Period. 

Let it go

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