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Why Crystals?


There is truly something magical, and not to mention beautiful, in owning crystals. In short, crystals are formed from beautiful mother earth over a million years ago inside the earth's crust. This formation occurs when liquid in the Earth consolidates and the temperature chills and fuses the crystals in a repeated pattern. This process of crystal forming is called crystallization. The process can take as little as a few days to maybe a thousand years. Our raw crystals are mined, cleansed and ready to go. 

Agate Crystal

Crystals and It’s Healing Properties: 

These stunning formations are said to first be referenced back to the Ancient Sumerians in 4th millennium BC. From Ancient Mesopotamia, Egyptians, Ancient India, Asia, Native American to the Greeks, they have all utilized crystals for healing and protection. It is said, the utilization of crystals in their work is because they knew a secret that modern science has only recently discovered: crystals have the power to transmit energy. Scientists understand that applying pressure to certain crystals, such as quartz, generates a specific form of electricity. Crystals heal and bring balance holistically (mental, emotional, spiritual). They work through resonance and vibrational energies within the crystal that connect with the human body. 

Crystal Healing

Crystals In Your Space:

It only makes sense with all their healing and energetic/vibrational powers, to bring these unique, one-of-a-kind pieces into your living space. There are a vast array of different crystals with different meaning/properties. Many people place crystals for esthetic purposes, for energetic healing or protective purposes, or to manifest an intention. Crystals have been used in homes and offices to attract prosperity, ward off negative energy, and create harmony. Not to mention the rich and famous purchasing these beautiful gems at an upwards of $333,000 for an amethyst cluster piece.  

Crystal Decor

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